Dimensions to Internet and health since 1997


All development, support, sales and service for 7d is managed by ​​ Jørgen A. Jacobsen. 7d – Dimensions to Internet and Health Vilhelm Becks Vej 97,4 tv, 8260 Viby J,
Denmark Phone: +45 86 16 16 05 – Mail: j@7d.dk – Web: 7d.dk CVR: 11 10 21 31

Jørgen A. Jacobsen was originally trained as an electronics mechanic, kinesiologist and laboratory technician. Started 7d (7d-Graphics.dk) in 1997 after completing multimedia graphic artist training, web developer 2002, later church singer. Has designed different things and published several books since. Developed health product The SevenstarTM in 1985, that became known in Danish media, hand made art work ​​by Jørgen A. Jacobsen, see: TheSevenstar.com

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