Dimensions to Internet and health since 1997

Why 7d

7d is internet presentation of dimensions. Since 1997, 7d been at the forefront of Internet and development of dynamic websites, CMS modules and portal systems.
CMS is Content Management System, where you, yourself as a club, company or private can maintain your own site and thus have an exciting and well-maintained website.


Design-web and ready to go
The vast majority of traditional CMS on the market require a lot of time on setup, they are mostly automated solutions where you have to work a lot ‘behind the scenes “. 7d distinguishes itself by being:


  • Designet high-end web, a good experience for all visitors.
  • Ready-to-go, easy to updatee.
  • 7d is a more like click & edit and is therefore highly user friendly.
  • 7d gives you great contact with your visitors through the website.
  • And then it perhaps even becomes a pleasure to maintain your website.


We prefer life in 7d
If you want your assets and ideas to be presented optimally, you’ve come to the right place and the right 7 dimensions.
Whether you choose a portal solution or augment your existing website with CMS Modules7d brings life, magic and attraction, and not least, the pages are optimized for search, so they achieve maximum rank on searching.

You get designed high-end ready-to-go web pages, that you can easily update and is a good experience for all visitors.


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