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The Sevenstar

30th anniversary for The Sevenstar – a total redesign with two new versions!

Naturally as the original since 1985, hand made by the designer, as it were in the beginning. Via the link below, there will also be provided new ways of documentation of the effect of The Sevenstar. In the shop you can pay with credit cards. Price bearing is set so low that anyone should be able to afford it.

To keep it nice and simple, there are nowadays only two Sevenstar variants on the marked, a pendant and a large one. The Sevenstar in this new design is greatly enhanced, though still beeing true to the roots and old knowledge that is behind it.

Buy The Sevenstar in online shop here.

The Sevenstar site: TheSevenstar.com

The Sevenstar has a wonderful play of light, the brilliance is difficult to reproduce photographic, one must see it in reality. A rather superficial object, one might think. But perhaps there is more than meets the eye? 30 years of experience with this thing has actually convinced me and my skepticism, also at a deep level with insights on the ancient symbolism.

Please do have fun with The Sevenstar, many are surprised being able feel the energies and effects. They say that faith can move mountains, but very often it seems that those who are surprised, are usually those who do not have any particular expectations or beliefs.

Visit TheSevenstar.com and read the story behind, find books, hundreds of users experiences and ideas to new ways to get benefit of your Sevenstar. Learn the basics treating your self, family and friends, treatment table, Sevenstar Therapy.

Heaven and Earth – Body and Soul – 7 Heavenly Bodies – 7 Chakras of the Body – The 7 farvcolours of the rainbow – The 7 musical notes – The 7 days of the week…

Enjoy the connection – Stay in tune


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