Dimensions to Internet and health since 1997


All development, support, sales and service for 7d is managed by ​​ Jørgen A. Jacobsen. 7d – Dimensions to Internet and Health Vilhelm Becks Vej 97,4 tv, 8260 Viby J,
Denmark Phone: +45 21 63 16 05 – Mail: j@7d.dk – Web: 7d.dk CVR: 11 10 21 31

Jørgen A. Jacobsen is my name. I was originally trained as an electronics mechanic, kinesiologist and laboratory technician. Started 7d (7d-Graphics.dk) in 1997 after completing multimedia graphic artist training, web developer 2002, later church singer. I designed different gadgets and published several books since. Developing health product The SevenstarTM in 1985, that became known in Danish media. Hand made art work ​​by Jørgen A. Jacobsen, see: TheSevenstar.com

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